The Ad Hoc Tenured Faculty Committee is a group of faculty members who held tenure at Antioch College prior to its June 2008 closure, and many participated in strategic educational and legal initiatives that were critical to the subsequent revival of Antioch College. The Ad Hoc Committee has advocated for the Antioch College Board of Trustees Pro Tempore to respect the recommendations of the June 2010 investigative report of American Association of University Professors (AAUP). The report states, “the investigating committee trusts that the Antioch College Continuation Corporation will appreciate the fundamental importance of the tenure system and will offer reinstatement to those whose appointments terminated with the closing, restoring their tenure rights.”

Members of the Ad Hoc Committee:

Jill Becker (Associate Professor of Dance)
Anne Bohlen (Professor of Film & Communications)
Kabuika Butamina (Associate Professor Of Chemistry)
Chih Tsong Chen (Associate Professor of Computer Science & Math)
Bob Devine (Professor of Communications)
Dennie Eagleson (Associate Professor of Photography)
Jean Gregorek (Associate Professor of Literature)
Chris Hill (Associate Professor of Communications)
Pat Mische (Professor of Peace Studies)
Nevin Mercede (Associate Professor of Art)
Hassan Rahmanian (Associate Professor of Management)
Louise Smith (Associate Professor of Theater)
Chuck Taylor (Professor of Physics)
Peter Townsend (Professor of Geology & Environmental Science)