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October 7, 2010

The Ad Hoc Tenured Faculty Committee announces the opening of facultyjustice.org, an online archive of letters and documents spanning 2008-2010.

This group of former tenured faculty of Antioch College, having lost their professional positions through Antioch University’s arbitrary and unnecessary closure of the College, is requesting that the new Antioch College Board of Trustees Pro Tempore agree to conduct a hiring process that acknowledges their former tenured status at the College and is consistent with the procedures and standards recommended by their professional organization, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). The AAUP has stated in its investigative report, ratified by its national membership in June 2010, that it “trusts that the Antioch College Continuation Corporation will appreciate the fundamental importance of the tenure system and will offer reinstatement to those whose appointments terminated with the closing, restoring their tenure rights.”

The Ad Hoc Committee believes that the reinstatement of some faculty into positions consonant with their qualifications has much to offer the College as it works to gain academic accreditation and prepares for the arrival of students in fall 2011. With few exceptions, the tenured faculty was hired through comprehensive national searches. Their tenure status was earned through rigorous multi-year processes of peer review incorporating numerous internal and external evaluations in order to assess their long-term value to the institution. They bring a unique wealth of experience with Antioch’s distinctive mix of Co-op and the liberal arts, with its long traditions of faculty and community participation, and with its outward-looking, globally-oriented educational mission.

The Ad Hoc Committee has requested in a recent presentation to a delegation from the Board Pro Tempore that AAUP staff be brought in to advise directly on determining which of those former tenured faculty are “qualified” to teach in the new curriculum, who would serve as “opportunity” or “transitional hires” hires. Such action would reverse, rather than reiterate, the actions of Antioch University. The former tenured faculty members stand ready to share their collective experience and knowledge to advance the efforts of an independent Antioch College.

Ad Hoc Committee of Former Tenured Faculty at Antioch College:
Jill Becker (Associate Professor of Dance), Anne Bohlen (Professor of Film & Communications), Kabuika Butamina (Associate Professor Of Chemistry), Chih Tsong Chen (Associate Professor of Computer Science & Mathematics), Bob Devine (Professor of Communications), Dennie Eagleson (Associate Professor of Photography), Jean Gregorek (Associate Professor of Literature), Chris Hill (Associate Professor of Communications), Pat Mische (Professor of Peace Studies), Nevin Mercede (Associate Professor of Art), Hassan Rahmanian (Associate Professor of Management), Louise Smith (Associate Professor of Theater), Chuck Taylor (Professor of Physics), Peter Townsend (Professor of Geology & Environmental Science)

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Contact Chris Hill or Jill Becker for further information (see below).

Ad Hoc Committee of Former Tenured Faculty at Antioch College
c/o Chris Hill and Jill Becker
P. O. Box 453
Yellow Springs, OH 45387

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